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Centrifugal fan

A centrifugal fan (also blower, or squirrel-cage fan, as it looks like a hamster wheel) is a automated accessory for affective air or added gases. It has a fan caster composed of a cardinal of fan blades, or ribs, army about a hub. As apparent in Figure 1, the hub turns on a driveshaft that passes through the fan housing. The gas enters from the ancillary of the fan wheel, turns 90 degrees and accelerates due to centrifugal force as it flows over the fan blades and exits the fan housing.1

For added capacity on this topic, see Centrifugal compressor.

Centrifugal admirers can accomplish burden increases in the gas stream. Accordingly, they are adapted for automated processes and air abuse ascendancy systems. They are additionally accepted in axial heating/cooling systems.

The centrifugal fan was invented by Russian aggressive architect Alexander Sablukov in 1832, and begin its acceptance both in the Russian ablaze industry (such as amoroso making) and abroad

Centrifugal fan ratings

Ratings begin in centrifugal fan achievement tables and curves are based on accepted air SCFM. Fan manufacturers ascertain accepted air as clean, dry air with a body of 0.075 pounds accumulation per cubic bottom (1.2 kg/m³), with the barometric burden at sea akin of 29.92 inches of mercury (101.325 kPa) and a temperature of 70 °F (21 °C). Selecting a centrifugal fan to accomplish at altitude added than accepted air requires acclimation to both changeless burden and power.

At college than accepted acclivity (sea level) and college than accepted temperature, air body is lower than accepted density. Air body corrections charge to be taken into annual for centrifugal admirers that are defined for connected operation at college temperatures. The centrifugal fan will displace a connected aggregate of air in a accustomed arrangement behindhand of the air density.

When a centrifugal fan is defined for a accustomed CFM and changeless burden at altitude added than standard, an air body alteration agency charge be activated to baddest the able admeasurement fan to accommodated the fresh condition. Since 200 °F (93 °C) air weighs alone 80% of 70 °F (21 °C) air, the centrifugal fan will actualize beneath burden and crave beneath power. To get the absolute burden appropriate at 200 °F (93 °C), the artist would accept to accumulate the burden at accepted altitude by an air body alteration agency of 1.25 (i.e., 1.0/0.8) to get the arrangement to accomplish correctly. To get the absolute ability at 200 °F (93 °C), the artist would accept to bisect the ability at accepted altitude by the air body alteration factor

Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA)

The centrifugal fan achievement tables accommodate the fan RPM and ability requirements for the accustomed CFM and changeless burden at accepted air density. When the centrifugal fan achievement is not at accepted conditions, the achievement charge be adapted to accepted altitude afore entering the achievement tables. Centrifugal admirers rated by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) are activated in laboratories with analysis setups that simulate installations that are archetypal for that blazon of fan. Usually they are activated and rated as one of four accepted accession types as appointed in AMCA Accepted 210.3

AMCA Accepted 210 defines compatible methods for administering class tests on housed admirers to actuate airflow rate, pressure, ability and efficiency, at a accustomed acceleration of rotation. The purpose of AMCA Accepted 210 is to ascertain exact procedures and altitude of fan testing so that ratings provided by assorted manufacturers are on the aforementioned base and may be compared. For this reason, admirers charge be rated in SCFM